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December 2021

How many Simulyzer do I need?

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We are often asked this question, but unfortunately we don’t always have the answer, because it varies from case to case.
In this application note we explain what you need to know to define the right number of Simulyzer.

How many Simulyzer do I need

November 2021

Changes on our website

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A new sub-item called “Usecases” has been added for each product.
Below you will find Application Notes and other useful links for each product!

The following application notes apply to all Simulyzer products:

Box or PC bound license

Simulyzer-Software Operating Help


For the PSI5 Simulyzer there are then three more Application Notes:

PSI5 Sensor Programming

How to inject PSI5-Sensor Data via CAN

Using LabView to Collect and Export PSI5 Data

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