Sensor validation and characterization

A possible application for the Simulyzer Boxes and the Simulyzer RT is the acquisition of sensor readings at given stimuli, e.g. on turn-tilt tables. With pre-series samples, evaluations of scatter of measured values and accuracies can be generated for the sensor data sheet.

Sensor validation and characterization in practice

For the Simulyzer RT there is a very compact solution, which allows to place the whole Simulyzer equipment on a rotating axis and therefore only power supply and network data traffic has to be routed via slip rings.

An example of use

Seskion provides an API library for this type of application. The applications are typically written by the users themselves.

Possible types of sensor interfaces:

  • SPI
  • PSI5
  • SENT
  • DSI

The API is available as ANSI-C(++) as well as .NET API (C# …) and LabVIEW. Adaptations to Matlab and Phyton are possible.