Seskion Simulyzer RT

Hardware and software

Simulyzer RT

Like the other products of the Simulyzer family, Simulyzer Rack Technology (RT) enables the acquisition, archiving and simulation of sensor communication.

  • Interpretation of vehicle behavior
  • Sensor technology for limit ranges

  • Simulation of measurement situations

Professional data simulation

Facts about the Simulyzer-RT

In addition to the standard version, Seskion also offers modified versions as well as advanced hardware and software solutions for special measurement requirements.

Simulyzer RT System

All offered chassis are realized in a 19″ system, the plug-in cards are designed as cards in the format 160x100mm (Europe format). In addition to PSI5, SPI and CAN plug-in cards are available as sensor interfaces. SENT and LIN cards are in planning.

The following cards are in stock:

  • CPU-1 basic card with bus connection of up to 7 “Compact PCI serial” in/out cards, operating system, mass storage, network and USB interfaces
  • PWR-ANA-1: 8 x power analog to provide the adjustable single supply of 8 sensors with accurate measurement of supply voltages and currents Additional 8×3 general purpose analog inputs are available
  • DIO-1 Digital-IO card with 48 digital IOs (Compact PCI serial), for example for 4 SPI interfaces with 4 chip selects each
  • PSI5-ECU-1: 8 x PSI5 peripheral card (Compact PCI serial)

  • CAN-1: 8 x CAN, with firmware for either ECU or sensor mode
Simulyzer RT

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