You don’t need a real sensor

Sensor Simulation

When simulating sensor data, any signal characteristics of the sensors to be simulated can be specified. Communication errors such as e.g. CRC errors can also be interspersed in the sensor data. With the help of the “Sequencer” tool, constructed curves can also be created forms of physical data transmission. The communication parameters, such as baud rates, can also be set to values outside the standard. The configurations can be created with the standard GUI application.

Test your PSI5 transceiver

Sensor simulation in practice

When using our standard GUI application, CSV files with the signal characteristics can be imported. For self-created applications, using our API, the signal characteristics can be transferred via arrays. These arrays can then be filled by the user program from any data stock.
It can be chosen whether the last value is communicated after the end of the signal course or whether the sequence is repeated.
In addition to the signal courses, protocol-specific constant value data such as init-data with sensor type, serial number, date, etc. can also be specified.

An example of use

Sensor simulation is used, for example, in the development and validation of transceiver components or in the development of evaluation software.

  • Definition of signal runs

  • Specific generation of errors in physical layer

  • Combination of simulated sensors (slots) with real sensors