Seskion PSI5 Pod

Hardware and software


The PSI5 POD offers selected functions of the PSI5-Simulyzer and is therefore the right interface box for less complex measurement situations.

  • Simplified development of sensor technology
  • Visualization / analysis tools in the PSI5 software
  • Test and simulation function

Professional data simulation

Facts about the PSI5 POD

In addition to the standard version, SesKion also offers modified versions as well as advanced hardware and software solutions for special measurement requirements.


The PSI5-POD takes the role of an ECU and supplies the sensors with power and sync-pulses. The data communication between the PSI5-POD and up to 4 sensors is displayed and recorded.

The following restrictions to the PSI5-Simulyzer:

ECU mode of operationyesyes
Passive mode of operationyesno
Sensor mode of operationyesno
Maximum number of PSI5 interfaces21
CAN interface for routing PSI5 frames to CANyesyes
Baudratesvariable between 89kBaud and 250kBaud125kBaud and 189 kBaud
CRC / Parity checkbothboth
BiDir frames to the sensoryesnot implemented yet
Analogue reference inputs40
Analogue output of received PSI5 frames40
Usage of standard Win-GUI appyesyes (reduced functionality)
Usage of APIyesyes (reduced functionality)
Selectable supply voltage for sensorvariable3 voltages: 5.15V, 6.65V or 7.7V
Sync-pulse heightvariable 0V and 20V4.8V higher than the selected PSI5 voltage
acquisition of physical interface voltage and current curvesyesno