All SesKion Simulyzer boxes like

  • PSI5-Simulyzer,
  • DSI3-Simulyzer,
  • SPI-Simulyzer and
  • SENT-Simulyzer
  • PSI5-POD
  • SQUIB-Box
  • Simulyzer-RT

and their software can be licensed in three very different manors.

box stored license-bit

The original kind of licensing (and still the most used one), is by storing license information in the nonvolatile memory of the box. This is normally done in factory at SesKion. It is the case when additional licenses are directly ordered together with the box. Additional licenses can also be ordered later when the box is at customer site. In this case SesKion will send a license key to the customer via e-mail that can easily be programmed to NV memory of the box. This kind of licensing is call “box stored”. If it is a hardware feature, like activation of a second interface, this is the natural kind of licensing. Features, licensed “box stored”, can be used with this box from any PC having installed our WIN-GUI app.

boxSN-bound license-file

If a “boxSN-bound license-file” is used, the license is not in the NV-memory of the box but in a license-file on the PC. The license feature is not bound to this PC but to the SerNo of the box. Features, licensed as “boxSN-bound license-file”, can be used with the box having this SerNo, from any PC having a copy of the license-file.

PC-ID bound license-file

Application as our standard WIN-GUI app can also be licensed “PC-ID bound”. This means, the Simulyzer box does not have the license in its NV memory but the license is in a license-file on the PC. A “PC-ID bound license-file” feature may only be used on this PC The advantage is, it can be usd with any Simulyzer box.

Activation of the license has always to be done by the customer. You have to start one of our WIN apps, no matter if it is still not licensed. Here you have the possibility to send an e-mail to SesKion with your PC’s HostID. Seskion then will create the license, bound to this HostID and send it to the customer where it has to be placed in the file-system of the PC with this HostID.

Overview of licenses:

Feature / Optionavailable as box stored license-bitavailable as boxSN-bound license-fileavailable as PC-ID bound license-fileRemarks
second interface (channel) for Simulyzer boxyesyesyes“PC-ID bound” maybe not very useful
optinal CAN interface (PSI5, SPI)nononohardware option
optinal CAN interface (PSI5-POD)yesyesyes
standard WIN-GUI app (PSI5, DSI3, SPI, SENT, PSI5-POD)yesyesyes
PSI5-Tester appnoyesyes
PSI5 programmernoyesyes
PSI5 EMC-test appnoyesyes
SPI sensor modelnoyesyesbox stored license-bit is planned in future
Simulyzer-RT WIN-GUI app (PSI5)nonoyes
Simulyzer-RT activation of monitor-mode in APInonoyes
Simulyzer-RT endurance appnonoyes